I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/2/11

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I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/2/11 Empty I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/2/11

Post  General Chao12 on Sat Apr 02, 2011 6:56 pm

Hello one and all, it's time for the weekly update! Unfortunatly, we are running slow, because we were joined by Evan for some last minute Spring Break fun. It doesn't seem as though anything at all has happened in the past week, so I might aswell start by saying, this will be short (LIES! I just finished this, it wasn't short).
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/2/11 Reach_38
Makes me happy

Intresting title? Came up with that one spontaneously. Anyway, as far as things are concerned, I've had a pretty busy week. Not really BUSY, but I've had plans for meeting up with some of the members. I apologize for what happened Travis, you came on a bad day. Mostly though, we got a lot of things off our shoulders for the clan. One day this week we even went back in time with wb382. Yep, good old Halo 3. We had several meetings this week with Evan aswell. After all our discussing, we played Just Cause 2 for a long time, managing to beat the game with a total of 34.26% completion of the entire game. Ridiculus right? That game is massive and totaly addictingley fun. Moving on, I'd like to say a few words about some things to look into.
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/2/11 Reach_39
Who's your leaders?

Sorry Blarg Blarg, the forum doesn't like big pictures ^ .... Despite, its an epic picture. We got to take some nice pictures when we met with Evan, such as all of the ones I'm using in this update. Ok, I managed to waste some text... not cool. It looks like no one guessed the word of the week last week. Oh well. I wish I could also see more activeness in the forums aswell. What can I do? You tell me. It appears that despite our efforts to find all the new gametypes that Bungie released, we missed the most intresting one. Chess. Be on the look out for the gametype please, we worked hard to find them all, but missed that one. Speaking of the new gametypes, have any of you gotten to play them yet? They're pretty fun, except power slayer (which is pretty much normal slayer, only everyone is on fire..). We have some plans for some of the Action Sack gametypes.... Oh, yea, the title... Despite the Fail. That fail just so happens to be our latest Forge Experiment: The Travis Space Program (TTSP). TTSP was a test to see if we could launch our good buddy GuitarRock3 into the depts of space on Forge World. I didn't save the map or video, so we re-enacted it with Evan. Here are some pictures:
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/2/11 Reach_40
Prepare for launch
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/2/11 Reach_41
Tank beats everything!
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/2/11 Reach_42
It's a bird.. it's a plane...

And my personal favorite:
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/2/11 Reach_43
Yippy kiyay mofos (Evan did call shotgun..)

Heres some thing Uncle Chris wants you to do. First of all, it appears that Blarg Blarg has made a new photo contest, so check that out. Also, I disaprove of Facebook, therefore, I don't update it any more, mabey if we have a community game night, or when there is an update I will. Secondly (Ignoring that note) the Pokemon Page has some new things coming, another contest (no one entered the last one..) and some trade offers. Minecraft got an update yesterday, which was the best April Fools joke ever (I'll go into it in a minute). Soon, the Credit System will go back up! I am working out some minor kinks in the process.. involving the use of credits in Beta Camp. Alpha Camp was revisited earlier this week too. Oh well. We are having another Contest aswell for forge. This one involves getting a Corvet in Beta Camp for winning.
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/2/11 Reach_44
Get to the Chopper!

I REALLY want to know. Did any of you get fooled yesterday? I did. Disapointing huh... But it was a good one. Time to share with you the Spoils of War! Here is a list of people I know got Fooled:
Chris (General Chao12) - Tricked by Evan (Called at 6:30 in the morning saying he was at our door..)

Travis (GuitarRock3) - Tricked by Chris (Texted that my Pokemon were level 100)

Evan (Evan Connor McD) - Tricked by Chris (Same as Travis)

Bailey (Biijii) - Tricked by Chris (Texted that Minecraft was down for a month)

Jalen (zZBlackLightZz) - Tricked by Notch (Made two tresure chests in Minecraft which turned into Fool chests. See below..)

Most of America (Minecraft players) - Tricked by Notch (Released an Update for Minecraft that added Dogs and Cookies. If anyone made a new world, there would be an invincible treasure chest that said it needed a key. It gave a link to a website to get the key, but instead you get Rick Rolled)

I think Mojang really hit the target with that trick. See the Word of Notch to get a better description. Please reply to this tread with a trick you pulled/recieved (I'll add it to the list).
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/2/11 Reach_45
I guess Evan really "droped" a good prank on me..

And thus we end a glorious week. We would like to welcome Raw Skully to the Clan! He has been on our roster awhile, but never got to do his initiation until last week. Cool. Expect to see some new community made games in the following week or so. With that, I leave you wondering what the Word of the Week is. Hehehe. *YOU ONLY GET 3 TRIES WITH THE SECRET WORD*
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/2/11 Reach_46
Leadership is harder than you think.

*Oh yes, for reminding me about the Minecraft Update this week, the special ranking of the week goes to Jalen. He is now the rank of Put Me In Coach*

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I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/2/11 Empty My prank.

Post  zZBlackLightZz on Sat Apr 02, 2011 8:17 pm

It was kinda a indirect prank but I was playing minecraft and I make two chests. They turned out to be the April fool chests. now their stuck in my house.

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