I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update! 7/10/11 Update of all Updates!

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I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update! 7/10/11 Update of all Updates! Empty I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update! 7/10/11 Update of all Updates!

Post  General Chao12 on Sun Jul 10, 2011 11:25 pm

Hail one and all! It’s the Weekly Update! Now I do realize it has been awhile since you’ve actually read one of these, bear with me, there has been good reasoning. Anyhow, nice to be back in the spirit of things, have I an Update for you! I’m about to lay forth a ton of sweet information for you all to enjoy and look forward to. Onwards!
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update! 7/10/11 Update of all Updates! Firesw10
I do these Updates for you guys

To those who were there on 7/7/11, the last Bungie Day we’ll see in a while, I would like to thank you for partaking in any event that we held on that day. For those who missed such an awesome day, here’s a recap: First, the majority of us completed all of the day’s challenges (All in Firefight Matchmaking), thus earning us the Weekly Challenge issued to do so (Evan, Vic, and I were 3 of the people who finished). Second, we announced the launch of our community Minecraft Server, which is currently running very smoothly. The server is open to anyone who signs up, but is currently undergoing maintenance. Finally, we spent the rest of the evening playing the Playlist: Bungie V.S. The World, ending the day in glorious victory as we won more games than we lost by a long shot! The festivities ended around 12 Midnight. Great job to our team: General Chao12, RedAlpha3, Evan Connor McD, and GuitarRock3 (Walker was there during the earlier festivities).
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update! 7/10/11 Update of all Updates! Chao_i10
The Team (Sorry Biijii, not in this picture)

As some of you may know, Blarg Blarg and I were on vacation for a week (Two weeks ago) and didn’t get a chance to actually tell you. Evan did a great job of explaining the situation in the last update, if you read it. Anyway, Me and Vic traveled by car from Florida all the way up to Niagara Falls, New York. Long trip man, long trip. 40 hours in a car, it was quite the journey. I fell ill in Pennsylvania, thus making the trip a bit less fun, but none the less it was enjoyable. I would go on more about it, but no need, there is much to cover here. Oh and on the trip I was half asleep and drifting off when I saw a random Goat on the side of the street, eating grass. I yelled GOAT! And everyone thought I was crazy, but then they saw it. Shows them.
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update! 7/10/11 Update of all Updates! Rip_cr10
Remeber: If you're gonna hit a Deer, speed up!

As much as the title lies, restraining orders are an option! Recently we started our newest Community Game on Reach. Cityville, a peaceful city in the making, houses a small community that aims to build up an economy and industry of its own. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as peace. The goal of Cityville is to provide a very thought out community in which the entire city is affected by individual decisions. This leaves room for change in any way possible. It is essentially an open book, giving you many living choices, working choices, and even career choices. In it, you can buy a housing situation (House, apartment, condo, business area, ect..), get a job (Earn Ca$h!), make a business, and buy cars, without all the hassle of discovering things (Like waiting for science to invent things). There are many different influences and secrets to the city, and coming soon different ways to do things. We have started Alpha City, still in progress is the new features. More sessions will be held this week!
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update! 7/10/11 Update of all Updates! Chaoin10
It's exactly as we envisioned!

You remember when we first released the first set of achievables right? Well, those have gone downhill from then. Figuring I could handle EVERYONE’s credits and achievables, I was overwhelmed by the time it took out of my schedule to maintain those things. Thus is time to rid us of those… and introduce a newer, better way of doing things! I am [And so is Vic (We’ve both been busy with these)] proud to announce Achievable Badges! There is a lot to go into these, and they will be easier to maintain. Regardless, the old achievables will be taken down along with the credit prices and such (More later in the post). Achievable Badges are the new alternatives to plain old achievables and what not. They essentially provide you a Name, Description, and a lovely Badge for each one. Like the old Achievables, you can earn them through games with us or video submission (Put film clip on File Share and send me a message). Some will clear out tell you how to earn them and others will come with a hinting description. A few, however, will not be very easy to figure out (These are known as: PECRET ACHIEVABLES). The way the new system works (Still in progress) is that there will be a new Forum for Acheivable Badges, in which each clan member will have his or her own topic that is updated with the badges he or she earns throughout the week. I will update these at the end of each day (or beginning) with the name and Badge of any Achievable you’ve earned during our time together. NOTE: You will not earn any for something that you’ve already done (Prior to this announcement). That’s about all I have to say about them for now. Expect the first batch to be released sometime this week.
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update! 7/10/11 Update of all Updates! Fireba10
You gotta want it!

Unforgivingly, the previous set of Credits that all of you worked so hard to earn has been eliminated… Now I bring you a better more functional system! This does mean you lose all of your previous Credits though, don’t fret, I bring you Compensation! Each of you will (Again) start with 500c, but those of you who had Credits before, get a bonus 500c. Vic and Evan, however get 1000c, for they lost the most Credits in this exchange. They are the only two who had a Tank back in Alpha Camp. Don’t take it personally. Anyway, the only person I can tell who won’t be getting Compensation in this transaction is Jalen (We are sorry, but we must enforce rules), for he had forfeited all his belonging in Alpha Camp. You will still receive 500c for starters. Your Credits will be tracked, but I suggest you also keep count via Pen/Pencil and Paper (Or electronically). The difference between this Credit System and the last is that instead of using them to buy Building Blocks, weapons, and such, they can be used at the Clan Shop, which will have a variety of goodness for you to spend your Credits on. I can tell you that there will be a VERY FEW number of Weapon Permits, maybe a Vehicle Permit, Silver and Gold Keyes (You’ll learn about those later), and an assortment of neat things that I won’t spoil at the moment. There will be news on this Shop later (The Shop itself is still in undergoing… well maintenance). There will be a Forum (Mentioned earlier) that will have your Character Profiles to showcase Achievables and Credits. There will be various ways of earning Credits and various uses for them throughout all our games.
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update! 7/10/11 Update of all Updates! Reach_10
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update! 7/10/11 Update of all Updates! Reach_11
Your credits are in good hands/knives

Another thing you guys should look forward to. Tournaments and Challenges! Every so often, we will be holding Tournaments and Challenges a system in which anyone can join in(deciding if it will be announced on the website for signups..) and compete in various tournaments to earn Credits and prizes. Some of these tournaments include:
1) Organized Slayer Matches (The ARENA, Stadium, ect.)
2) Races (Great Race, Acceleration, ect.)
3) Minigames/Custom Games (Invasion, Capture the Flag, Aquarium, Hogs form Heck, Flash Games, ect.).
More to be added to the mix, these will provide some competition for you guys (Thus eliminating the need for aggression in friendly games.
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update! 7/10/11 Update of all Updates! Reach_12
Get ready for battle

In other worldly news, we have got our new and improved Minecraft server up and running smoothly (Except during rain). It is not always up and is undergoing maintenance at the moment. In order to join, you must verify with me and accept the rules of the server:
1)No griefing (Destroying OR Placing blocks on someone elses turf without permission).
2)*Only griefing allowed: 1 sign on property (You are permitted to leave ONE sign on someone’s property)
3)Be sure to make sure your property is easily detectable [Fence or marked out land (Flatland), even a wall]
4)Claim your mines (Place a Noticeable sign at enterance)
5)DO NOT mine in other’s mines
6)If you dig into someone else’s mine, block off the entrance (With Cobblestone) and place a sign
7)NO spawning of any kind
8)NO stealing
9)NO killing of other’s pets
10)And of course: Have Fun
The Currency works like this: Coal (Not Charcoal)= 1, Iron Bar = 10, Gold Bar = 100, Diamond = 500. Please notify me if you wish to join, and I’ll alert you when the server is running.
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update! 7/10/11 Update of all Updates! 2011-010
The new Evan Button!
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update! 7/10/11 Update of all Updates! 2011-011
Behold the Squid Fountain! (Not server, my world)
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update! 7/10/11 Update of all Updates! 2011-012
Oh, and there's Zoura (Also mine)

Your challenge has been accepted! Also a new thing I’m throwing at you! Well a revisited thing anyway. This time more of a challenge! Your Challenge this week:
Title: Fortifications!
Objective: Alter given map to meet the needs of the challenge
Challenge: Use the Map on my File Share (General Chao12), titled Challenge 1, and create an Invasion Version of it. Save it (Rename Challenge 1 <Name>), put it on your File Share and message me when done.
-Must be renamed
-Must be compatible with the Standard Invasion Gametype
-Must include a Cone Pet!
You have been challenged! Reward? Why of course.
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update! 7/10/11 Update of all Updates! Reach_13
You have been challenged

A last few words to go around: Yes there is a secret Word of the Week. Oh and Cone Pet Factions is not it. I’m dead serious. COMING SOON: Cone Pet Factions!
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