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Post  General Chao12 on Sun Oct 24, 2010 9:04 am

First of all, any post you make showcasing a map or game varient will have to contain a link to your Halo REACH file share on The map or varient you are showcasing must be on your file share. Message me to remove your topic (post) when you are ready to remove it from your file share. (All *'s will be explained at the end of this post)

[*] At least one picture must be present in your post
[] No innapropreate maps (NO WANGS!)
[] Message me via this website when ready to remove your varient from this forum
[] All contest submissions will be deleted within the week of the contests end
[] Also include the title of your varient and a description of it

(* you can obtain a screenshot by taking one in REACH then going to your profile on and looking at your screenshots. There should be an option to view in higher res, this will download the picture to your computer)

This forum is open to discussions and rule ideas.
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