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Post  General Chao12 on Sat Oct 23, 2010 3:45 pm

All official rules and amendments will be posted on this first post.

[] Never (when in game) delete anyone's work unless given proper permission
[] When building seperate bases, stay lolal to the amount of buildings/weapons you are told to use
[] Do not attack someone in forge mode, unless specified to
[] Don't take credit for other's work
[] Be generous about base size
[] If helping build a stage, follow the directions of the creator (do not build unless told to and do not change things unless told to)
[] When about to die, don't fly away in forge (unless you are building and someone attcks you or you are foging and then fall)

Campaign Rules:
[] NO BOOTING unless on easy mode (or instructed to)
[] No betraying

[] Never boot a clan member (they will serve their punishment)
[] Don't betray a clan member

[] Follow the instructions given to you (by person who is showing you the map)
[] Don't betray, please (not a serious offence, but no one likes it)

[] When in a party, do not talk over others
[] When in a clan meeting, don't acted like an idot or talk about something way off topic (offence=boot)
[] If it is concluded that one member be deleted from everyone's friends list, then do it (I will check)
[] Never change your emblem unless given permission to

By the way, feel free to post any rules you think should apply (if it appears in the first post, then it has been approved).
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