New clan member? Read this!!!!

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New clan member? Read this!!!! Empty New clan member? Read this!!!!

Post  Evan McD on Sat May 21, 2011 11:43 pm

All who read this, remember it well. The purpose of our clan is... to illiminate the jews! JUST KIDDING!Very Happy The real purpose of the clan is to have fun. Many people join clans to find talented people to help them in matchmaking games so their status can go up. That's NOT what we do. In fact, many of us suck, me included. As our great Blarg Blarg once said "This is for fun not for glory. What’s the purpose of winning if you come out of the fight asking who did I just fight? You must know your enemies as well as your friends”. If you joined ONLY because you want help in matchmaking games, try somewhere else. In the I'M ON FIRE clan, we make our own games, games that don't always involve senseless killing. These games can only be played with good communication, so a mic is recommended. If you're worried about creepers (not the exploding green ones in Minecraft, the kind that try to find out where you live to rape you), our leader, GeneralChao12, takes care to make sure all creepers are eliminated. Where was I?... oh, right. We try to do games that couldn't be done over matchmaking, like games of life that involve building a house and getting along with your nabors. We SOMETIMES do matchmaking, but don't get your hopes up. If you agree with everything above, then this is your vice president, Evan Connor McD, welcoming you to the I'M ON FIRE clan! Remember the 4 Fs. Friends, forge, fun, and FIRE!!!!
Evan McD
Evan McD
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