I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/23/11

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I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/23/11 Empty I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/23/11

Post  General Chao12 on Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:25 am

I'm going to be perfectly honest with you guys, we did nothing all week. Yep, so lets make this brief. Aside from the massive amounts of homework I've recieved this week, I actually managed to finish it early every day this week. Although I spent an extra hour after school every day this week, I had an enjoyable time. Sadly, I didn't see anyone much on Xbox when I had time to play. So I guess I didn't miss much.
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/23/11 Reach_23
Feeling the blues

Aside from my normal school schedual, going to the room next to first period, then science, and exactly the room across from second period, to the room next to that, and then lunch, I had a bit of an exagerated change. After lunch I normaly go to Art, then Mixed Media (Computers and Art) (Whch was in the computer lab for the past six weeks), but we changed sides (Now in the art room). Now I go from lunch to Art, then to Art again, and then I had to stay after school IN THE ART ROOM. For an hour! Every day this week! So thats a total of 3 hours straight of Art. My kind of time! I had a ton of fun this week! Weird huh.. Nope, I gotta say ART is fun. You may be thinking: WTF does this have to do with the clan? My response: Excelent question, to answer it: Absolutly nothing. Evan, you can qoute me on that if you'd like, I'll give you 5 Gold for it.
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/23/11 Firesw10
This messege was brought to you by: Chao Incorporated

After vigerous hours of school and homework, it all payed off in the end. Portal 2 was released Tuesday, and I gotta say: It is awsome. Indeed, with the addition of Co-op and the rich Singleplayer mode, Portal 2 brings you hours of puzzle-solving fun! Eww puzzles, you may think. Well do most puzzles let you use PORTALS!? It's an amazing game, try Portal: Still Alive if you want to know how the game works. It is on the Xbox Live Arcade, there is a Demo. Me and Evan have been working vigerously on Co-op, which is it's own campaign, built just for us. We are indeed Partners in Science. Don't be alarmed if you join a party with us while we're playing Portal 2 and hear us yelling about killing eachother or missing a target, er something.
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/23/11 Reach_24
The science of mind control

Apature Science hasn't completely controlled us for the last week. We did manage to play some Halo Reach this week too. Not much, but we made some plans. The addition of Skill Sets and Factions will be ariving soon to Alpha Town, aswell as Town Chance Cards. We'll be trying to incorporate some intresting things into Alpha Town, aswell as adding a few options to other maps. There might even be an Industrial Park 2. Be ready, because the war just got bigger. Another note: We might be doing a Game Show for you guys next week. It would have happened this week if it weren't for "Some People" getting restricted from Xbox. *Cough* The word of the week is not Portal *Cough* So yea, enjoy the long weekend and don't do anything stupid!
I'M ON FIRE! Weekly Update 4/23/11 Chao_i10
Chao Incorporated would like to inform you that it is not all fun and games.

*Yes I do realize I spelt Cough wrong... *
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