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Briefing of the week. Empty Briefing of the week.

Post  General Chao12 on Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:22 am

It's been awhile... I guess not much happened this week, and I'm sorry about the lack of "The Weekly Update," as I'm sure so many of you read... I mean actually READ. I only get this impression from the lack of knowledge in some parts of activities. Regardless, I shall inform those of you still reading this of what has happened, and what's to come.
This week has been very exausting, I am tired. I can't say much has gone on between the walls of the ckan, other than the deletion of our Fortress Craft server and a small continuation of Alpha Town. We did start to remake some things in Fortress Craft, and the cache is finally at 100%. Yay. Alpha Town, we have come up with some new things for too. Expect the Factions to play a role in Skill Sets later on. We will be starting skills the next time we play, and Vic is willing to participate. Win for Win.
The Clan Minecraft Server has been running smoother than usual, which is good. On Fridays at 3:00pm (or later) to 6:00pm (or later) the Clan Server will be running. We call it the Friday Minecraft Marathon (FMM). You can expect to see me and possibly some other special guests, such as XPunishedX and Biijii. For details and the IP of the server, please messege me.
Along with Fortress Craft, we picked up a game called Portal: Still Alive, which is awsomely fun. It is a puzzle game in which you used a gun that can shoot portals to solve challenging tests. It is unlike any puzzle game you'll ever play. Although it's a short game, it will prepare you for Portal 2 which is to be released this Tuesday. Portal is probably the reason we haven't been on Halo for at least two days. The other reason is that My Xbox Live Gold Membership expired on Thursday... I renewed it by the time you are reading this, so... yea. Anyway, there is a word of the week, its obvious, so it's not worth too much. Or is it...? Good day, sorry for the delay, blame Evan.
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