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Update Part 2 Empty Update Part 2

Post  General Chao12 on Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:34 pm

Counter-acting the tiny post that was last week's update, I have gathered a brief amount of information to share with you now.

April Playlist Updates:
Bungie has added a variety of awsome new gametypes for us to mess with. We have gotten around to (and saved) the following gametypes:
-Power Slayer (Slayer with powerups for each kill)
-Speedpile (Stockpile, only you carry the flags on your back)
-Speedflags (Capture the Flag, only you carry the flag on your back)
-Haloball (Skiball VS)
-Hockey (White people sport Hockey)
*We also have the corosponding maps for Hockey and Haloball*

The Return of Alpha Camp (Sorta):
Evan and I were messing around on Spire and found out that they had expanded the options for race. So with that, we decided to do one last thing with Alpha Camp.... Banshee Race on Alpha Camp.

With that I re-declare the word of the week. It is no longer spring, since I only got one guess. The new word of the week is NOT pancakes.
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