First Clan Meeting!

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First Clan Meeting! Empty First Clan Meeting!

Post  RedAlpha3 on Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:03 pm

HEY GUYS! What a chance to meet your fellow clan mates including the leaders?
How about we throw in a Show!(no dinner sorry) And wait whats that a certain clan leader is going to be in a full out Bunny costum? albino Including bunny slippers?
Well this friday at St.Petersburg High School 7:00 Pm We will be meeting up to watch the musical Urinetown! Admission is $10. but come on how much would you pay to see a friend in a Bunny costum? Anyway, the money needs to be collected b4 Thursday. Give your money to Travis and he will give it to us and we will pass it on. See you there!

UPDATE General Chao12: Today (3/10/11) is the last day to turn in money. We have money from Travis, Walker, Me, and Vic. We will hand out the tickets to each of you at the play. We will designate a place to meet on the Facebook page.
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