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Post  General Chao12 on Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:35 pm

I have been working on a QUICK REFERENCE Blog this week. This blog DOES NOT replace the forum, in fact, it doesn't matter if you read it or not. The contents of the blog are very quick notes I jotted down after doing anything. I will post quick things, such as ideas, notes, and plans. I would hope that at least once every so often that someone would read it. Basically, the posts on the blog will contain most, if not everything we do as a clan. Every week or two, I will post a Credit Report to help keep track of Credits for the Alpha/Beta Camps. Also, for those who own Minecraft, I will soon be posting dates for official server run times. For now, to join you'll have to catch the blog post that tells when we were playing.

Anyway, here is the link (it's not much): http://imonfireclan.blogspot.com/
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